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Who is Cori Fung D.N.M?

Cori Fung is one of the director of Rahmann's Crystal Healing and Resonance Centre in Canada Quebec. 

Cori Fung is the author of the Core Light Transformation. She is the cutting edge energy healer. Known as The Initiator.

Cori is best known for her capacity to utilize love and light to change your life through what she calls Core Light Transformation- Developer Of Awareness.


How did Cori healing journey begin?

My two beautiful canines that were killed by a vet within 3 months guided me to this work. With BB and JJ, Angles and Spirit Guides. BB and JJ are not gone or dead, they arrived to show me a lesson and let me comprehend that we are all in one. We are the one to make whatever happen or find in our life. We can unite again and offer these information and technique to associate back with the universe to comprehend who we are. What is the mission of coming here to the earth? I am using a strategy for energy transformation that we are all equipped for discovering.


What is The Initiator Energy Healing?

The Chinese call it a life force energy that makes up everything around us. Others have called it by a wide range of names, like Prana, Ki, Qi or different name, yet never truly clarifying its substance all around us so regularly it’s discussed in meta-physical ways that are vague and not exactly logical in nature.

Presently, sufficiently through logical examination, we comprehend this chi energy we are discussing is truly the bio-energy that our bodies normally emanate. This bio-energy turns out as bio-photons or a kind of light with an electrical attractive segment to it. For all intents and purposes, every single living animal put off these bio-photons for correspondence and different purposes.

We disclose to understudies about the interesting properties of bio-photons and how to tackle them is so simpler and less hard on the body than the customary methods for building up chi energy. Conventional energy systems depend on building up the body’s blood course and utilizing the body’s hormonal stream to help with the development process. This customarily, lead the understudy through un-fundamental crazy ride sort rides sincerely due to the vacillation you run through with a hormonal discharge like that.

On the off chance that you are the sort of individual that is searching for somewhat more energy and to keep your body in a healthy condition. Than any customary energy style ought to work for you; at the same time, in the event that you are burnt out on not making the additions in your energy strategy that you think you ought to be making. Then perhaps the time has come to see what our workshop brings to the table. On the off chance that you are needing something that goes way past what you can reach in the conventional styles taught out there, then this is the workshop you are searching for.

It asserts that, everything and everybody is connected and that there is no separation in the middle of heaven and earth, matter and consciousness, mind and body, male and female, human and animal or you and I.


We are every one of the one, all divine.

It affirms that it is no separation between the mind and body, then all that you think, feel or experience will have an influence on your cell tissue. Your body remembers everything, and your wellbeing is frequently an impression of your states of mind and points of view. Negative or shadow feelings like anger, apprehension, uncertain sadness and desire show as pressure when quelled. Pressure, anxiety and uneasiness influence the insusceptible, hormonal and neurological frameworks and can abandon you powerless against malady, sickness and even melancholy. When you don’t feel well, body or mind, you can all the more effectively pull back, get receptive and judgmental; qualities that differs you from yourself and others.

Understanding your life’s voyage, its profound criticalness, and shift your recognitions can move the physical and enthusiastic pressure and permit recuperation, knowledge and amazing quality to happen.

We have a consciousness body with the learning of love, not romantic love, we are talking about unconditional love that included inclusive and infinite. Being a human being, to love is part of the challenge and experience. You will likewise need to encounter and investigate its inverse, what love is not. This procedure could take lifetimes to learn. To really comprehend the light, you should likewise comprehend what we are making from.

You will all get hurt, your hearts will get broken, and people you cherish will bite the dust. That’s life. Every one of your encounters can give significant chances to development on the off chance that you stay open to seeing them from another point of view. You will learn keeping in mind the end goal to open your heart to love and compassion.


Cori Fung D.N.M Qualification:


Doctor Of Natural Medicine

International Naturopathic Medicine Association (INMA) professional member

Canada Quantum Medicine International Instructor

Quantum Touch Certified Practitioner & Level 1 Instructor

Matrix Energetics- Completed The Fundamentals Training & The Spatial Clairvoyance Training

Pranic Healing Practitioner Certified Practitioner

Bio Therapy Europe Certified Practitioner

Yuen Method USA Certified Practitioner

Energy Healing For Pet And Human (Rejuvenation Healing And Water Healing For You and your Pets) Practitioner

Hong Kong Academy for Animal Communication and Holistic Humane Live (Animal Talk Ltd). Rosina Maria Arquati

Biological Electrical Meridian Therapist

Laser & Micro Current Stimulator Auricular treatment (Register USA NCCAOM Practitioner)

Power AVS Human & Animal Aura Consultant And Practitioner

AcuGraph Digital Meridian Imaging USA Certified Analyst


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